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Migration continues to be a central issue for the international community. Poverty, conflict, oppression, climate change and the search for better lives drive migration. Across the globe, millions of refugees and migrants are vulnerable to crime and trafficking, dangerous journeys and insecure conditions. Rerouting is a holistic initiative designed to tackle challenges emerging from a broad spectrum of risks for West Africans in the migration pathway. Detention and the uncertainties surrounding immigration status can negatively impact on both physical and mental health. Many migrants who are eventually removed from the United Kingdom face multiple difficulties connected with reintegration including stigmatization and complications accessing suitable accommodation and the labour market.

We offer tailored support to migrants in detention and to deportees, including detailed follow up to assist with the individual and societal challenges of return.


The workshops give me something to keep me busy while I wait to be released.

Yarl’s Wood IRC

It was nice speaking with someone who spoke my language.

Harmondsworth detainee

I came into Yarl’s Wood with nothing but I will leave with skills. I am so happy with myself for making good things out of a bad situation.

 Yarl’s Wood detainee

I have learnt a skill that can help me if I am released or if I have to go back home, Thank you

 Yarl’s Wood detainee