— Wig Making

This workshop aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required for a career as a professional wigmaker. The process commences with a tutorial on the relevance of wigs, how to care for them, and the best places to source wig making materials.  Participants are later taught the art of wig making step by step and given the opportunity to practice what they have learnt using the starter kit containing all the materials needed. This workshop is delivered in a relaxed and fun way to ensure all participants understand and enjoy the process.  

—  Cake Decoration & Sugar Craft

We offer cake and cupcake baking and decoration classes where participants learn to bake and decorate cakes to a professional standard. We provide a relaxed and interactive forum, teaching a range of techniques used in the creation of intricate and unique cake designs offering dynamic space for individual input and ideas. This workshop is suited to all levels – from beginners to bakers wishing to take their skills to higher levels. 

—  Nail Art and Design

Ideal for beginners, this workshop teaches the fundamentals of nail care. Participants learn how to create beautiful manicures and pedicures using regular and gel nail polish, different nail art techniques and designs, the correct way to care for the nails to encourage the growth of healthy nails, essential hygiene practices to prevent nail infections, and how to attract and retain clients. This workshop equips participants with the foundation for professional nail artistry

—  Music/Poetry Therapy

Music and poetry has been used therapeutically to support and improve wellbeing and facilitate positive change. This workshop seeks to encourage participants to communicate their social, physical, emotional, psychological, and cognitive needs through music and words. It is aimed at reducing anxiety, stress, and depression. Given the traumatic effect of detention centres and immigration issues, the workshop helps participants cope well and provides emotional support.

—  Makeup Artistry

Our makeup workshop teaches participants the skills required to become innovative makeup artists.  It is focused on the art of applying makeup for different skin types, skin tones, and occasions. Through the practice sessions, participants are able to develop their skills. Materials are also made available to them to ensure they can also practice at their leisure

— Nappy Cakes and Gift hampers

This workshop uses nappies and other baby essentials to create bespoke nappy cakes and gift hampers. This workshop teaches participants how to be creative with baby toys and other baby essentials. Participants make personalized special gifts to give to new mothers and learn practical ways to generate income.

— Ankara Upcycling & Crafts Workshop

This workshop uses recycled African fabrics, such as Ankara and Kente, to create gift items such as notebooks, photo frames, shopping tote bags, hair accessories, and baby essentials. Participants gain the requisite skills of giving new life to old items, custom made special gifts, and also create products which can be sold to generate income.


There are only 10 Immigration Removal Centres in the United Kingdom. Often these are too far for family and friends to visit their loved ones and, in some cases, because of the stigma associated with detention, detainees do not want anyone to know where they are or what kinds of issues they are facing. Many detainees have no advance notice about their release or removal from the UK. 

These uncertainties in such a confined space can have detrimental effects on mental health and wellbeing deepening vulnerabilities and distress. Rerouting offers visits to Immigration Removal Centres to provide one-on-one support for detainees. We go there to listen and help ease the pressure and distress of detention, especially for those detainees separated from their families and children.

Pre- and Post-Departure Counselling

We run monthly clinics in various Immigration Removal Centres. The objective is to provide support and to help empower detainees to reroute and take charge of their futures.

Our pre-departure advice sessions aim to prepare detainees by briefing them on what to expect in the countries they are being returned to. We also teach detainees basic skills tailored to their individual circumstances to build resilience and to ensure they not only survive but thrive in their new environments.

We offer post-departure counselling to detainees who have been returned to specific countries in West Africa. This service, provided by our and partners in various countries this serves as a wellness check aimed at evaluating how individuals are resettling into their new environments. We also offer follow-up assistance tailored to each individual’s needs if required.


Irregular migrants often face anxieties about being returned to their country of origin due to lack of funds, livelihoods, limited social ties, stigma and lack of respect surrounding being deported and the fear of being stranded. These fears have caused many to live in desperate conditions to avoid removal from the country.

Through our work within the Immigration Removal Centre’s (IRC’s) and the communities, we educate and provides irregular migrants with skill and support to ensure successful reintegration if they decide to voluntarily return or if they are removed to their country of origin.


Our reintegration efforts currently focus on irregular migrants from Ghana and Nigeria. Based on information gathered through our pre-departure planning, we collate information received and prepares a tailored service to suit each individual. The information is passed on to our Nigerian office or our Ghanaian partners who will prepare potential job interviews, temporary accommodation and airport pickup services for the individuals.

Through this service, irregular migrants who return from the UK to Nigeria or Ghana are not stranded and are equipped with the means to restart their lives in their new environment and be successfully reintegrate.