About us

Our Approach

Rerouting initiative works to create individualized routes forward.

It is a multidimensional initiative focused on social justice offering support services to irregular migrants, detained migrants, internally displaced deportees and marginalized and vulnerable people. Rerouting Initiatives’ services are centered on empowering individuals through learning and development. We offer enterprise-based vocational training matched with market needs in countries of return. We provide detainees and vulnerable individuals with skills to enable them to thrive, increase income potential, boost confidence, and improve wellbeing.


— Our Vision

Our vision is to deepen awareness and knowledge about the situation of West African irregular migrants to the UK to boost their potential to achieve sustainable futures. Irregular migration is laden with uncertainty. Rerouting works to chart viable paths for the future shifting the prospects for individuals, their communities and wider societies.


— Future Objectives

We are currently working together with government, NGO and civil society groups towards providing temporary accommodation for migrants returned to Nigeria and Ghana. The plan is of offer substantive reorientation support to assist with successful reintegration and to reinforce independence. Our plans could help to reduce the uncertainties that hinder the voluntary return of migrants in detention centres and strengthen individual and community resilience.